Pearson in the classroom

Sometimes students need extra help. We have developed research-based programmes proven to lead to greater student success for those failing behind.

We have a full suite of print, blended and digital services designed to help students to learn to read.

We develop services that are relevant to national curricula and the education priorities of each country, as well as ensuring that content is appropriate to the age and location of students.

Pearson in North America demonstrates the range of reading services that we can offer. The last year saw the start of significant change as three-quarters of US states adopted a new set of common academic standards. We have responded by aligning our curriculum materials to the new standards. We now can offer materials that:

Help educators effectively assess an individual student's reading ability;

Explain how Pearson reading programmes are built to help teachers easily implement the
Common Core state standards relevant to literacy

Case study: Reading Street

Reading Street is on the front line of improving student reading skills in thousands of schools in every state in the United States.

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As part of our commitment to independent research, recent findings by Gatti Evaluation showed that kindergarten and first-grade students using Reading Street gained between 46 and 48 percentiles in reading skills, including significant gains in comprehension and vocabulary.

Reading Street, available as a print, blended, or fully digital programme, combines research-based instruction and embedded assessment with videos, animation, activities, songs and audio to engage and motivate students. It is designed to allow teachers to personalise instruction for every child.


Case study: Waterford Early Learning

Pearson has partnered with the non-profit Waterford Institute for a decade.

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Waterford focuses on research and development while Pearson markets and sells Waterford's educational products to schools. Waterford Early Learning™ is a digital programme designed to help all children build the foundation for a lifetime of learning based around each child's unique learning needs. In addition to Reading, courses on Science and Mathematics are also available.


Case study: SuccessMaker

SuccessMaker is a digitally driven set of courses tailored to the needs of the individual learner that supplements regular classroom reading and mathematics instruction.

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Tailored learning

It combines one-on-one instruction, fun ways to engage and involve students and progress reporting for the teacher to aid timely intervention. From its initial development 30 years ago, through to ongoing improvement of the product usability and efficacy testing, the research that went into SuccessMaker constitutes the biggest ongoing research effort to date for any of our digital products.

SuccessMaker was voted as a top 100 product of 2010 by readers of District Administration magazine.


Case study: Bug Club

In the UK, the Government has outlined its vision for the teaching of reading using systematic synthetic phonics as a means to get every child reading by the age of six.

Based on a seven-year research project conducted by Rhona Johnston and Joyce Watson in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, Pearson Primary has developed the Bug Club, a whole-school reading programme designed for use at Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It is the first phonics-based reading programme in the UK to join books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read.