Improving learning outcomes

Through our products, services and partnershipswe aim to make a measurable difference tolearning outcomes for students, educators andto education systems.

There is a much debate over what makes for an effective education system. There is also a concern in both developed and emerging markets that individual institutions and entire education systems are no longer fit-for purpose for the modern world.

What role should businesses play? Governments, policymakers, teachers and students rightly expect that where possible companies should research and report on the learning outcomes that arise from their services and that they are transparent and responsible in their marketing and communications. They should also contribute to the wider debate on how education systems can be improved.

Companies that do this can benefit from increased sales and market share and improved reputation. By taking the initiative, we believe we can make a difference to the quality of education and achieve business growth.

Our approach

We make a difference in three main ways:

Ensuring that our own education programmes are developed and assessed for quality, efficacy and usability;

Helping close achievement gaps for individual learners and schools;

We run projects and campaigns, often through The Pearson Foundation, that support teacher education and development;

Helping share what works between education policymakers.