Helping share what works between education policymakers

Active in education in more than 70 countries, Pearson can play a role in bringing together education leaders to share experiences and best practice.

Case study: Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning

The Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning was set up to formally contribute to policy debates in the UK on the role of education in fostering a knowledge-driven economy.

Its purpose is to stimulate debate, collaborate and share ideas through world-class policy intelligence and analysis and organising conferences and forums.

Case study: Pearson Foundation/CCSSO International Conference on Education – London 2010

Hosted by the CCSSO and The Pearson Foundation, the series of annual conferences brings together an international delegation of education leaders to explore, firsthand, an innovative country approach to an education issue.

Why I Teach

The third International Conference on Education in London had as its theme innovation in adapting and applying digital technologies in support of teaching and student learning. CCSSO, Pearson Foundation and Pearson delegates were joined by local education leaders, international experts, and representatives from locations including Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Zambia.