Supporting teacher education and development

We work with teachers to improve teaching effectiveness with content and services that shape teachers from their earliest undergraduate experiences up to and throughout their teaching careers. We do this through our businesses and by partnerships.

Case study: Great Colombian Teachers

The Great Colombian Teachers initiative aims to provide academic support and recognition to English language teachers in Colombia.

The initiative is based on open-source content management software providing the means for teachers to contribute and share their thoughts and ideas.

Teacher support and development is a Pearson Foundation priority. It provides academic awards, training, and professional support to teachers; and supports leadership initiatives that establish and document best practices for students and educators.

Case study: CCSSO National Teacher of the Year Programme

The National Teacher of the Year Programme, run by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is the oldest and most prestigious awards programme for teachers in the US.

Why I Teach

Each year, the Pearson Foundation hosts a special day-long workshop for Teachers of the Year in New York City, where they are asked to conceive, perform, and edit a short statement called 'Why I Teach'. The results are compelling, personal accounts of the power of teaching.

'I teach because there is nothing more transformative than the ability of one person to see the potential in another'